About Us

Who We Are

Mission Statement

To work for the solution of the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community, by use of the recognized advantages of organized action, to the end that those engaged in the various branches of agriculture may have opportunity for happiness and prosperity in their chosen work.

Board of Directors


Davide Van Lennep
David Van Lennep, Timber, President, State Delegate
Tom Broz
Tom Broz, Organic Vegetables, 1st Vice President, State Delegate
Frank Estrada
Frank Estrada, Cattle, 2nd Vice President, Alternate State Delegate
cynthia-mathiesenCynthia Mathiesen, Berries, Past-President, Alternate State Delegate


Matthew Bissell, Timber
Steve Bontadelli, Brussels Sprouts
Gordon Claassen, Cattle
John E. Eiskamp, Berries
Chris Enright, Orchids
Nita Gizdich, Apples
Kevin Healy, Berries
Brendan Miele, Herbs
Peter Navarro, Berries
Wendy O’Donovan, Berries
Dick Peixoto, Organic Vegetables
Geri Prevedelli-Lathrop, Apples
J.J. Scurich, Berries and Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair
Adriana Silva, Organic Vegetables
Arnett Young, Vegetables
Dennis Webb, Timber

Jess Brown, Executive Director


Juan Hidalgo, Agricultural Commissioner
Laura Tourte, UC Extension Farm Advisor
Jan Garrod, CFBF Director, District 10
Andrew Genasci, CFBF Field Representative


Executive Committee
Membership Committee
Legislative Committee
Public Relations and Information Committee
Young Farmers & Ranchers

Past Presidents

2012-2013 Cynthia Mathiesen
2011-2012 Chris Enright
2009-2010 John E. Eiskamp
2007-2008 Steve Bontadelli
2005-2006 Matt Bissell
2003-2004 Edward Ortega
2001-2002 Nita Gizdich
1999-2000 Michael Theriot
1997-1998 Elia E. Vasquez
1995-1996 Michael E. Jani
1993-1994 Kirk F. Schmidt
1991-1992 Jeff E. Brothers
1989-1990 Steven Siri
1987-1988 Thomas Am Rhein
1986 Frank Siri
1985 Sherry Mehl
1983-1984 Don W. Hagerty
1981-1982 Frank Siri
1979-1980 Charles Barr, Jr.
1977-1978 Cal Wikstrom
1975-1976 Bob Harris
1974 Clint Miller
1972-1973 Bob Harris
1970-1971 Harry Farris
1968-1969 Charles Barr
1967 John Litchfield
1964-1966 Adolph Rapp
1962-1963 Henry Berbert
1960-1961 Bruce Rider
1957-1959 John Litchfield
1956 S. M. Fidel
1955 Abe Kliewer
1953-1954 Lewis Nelson
1951-1952 John Hess
1949-1950 Roy R. Day
1947-1948 Leland Ford
1945-1946 Joe Scaroni
1944 Herbert Dalton
1940-1943 Chris Sandholdt
1936-1937 A. F. Oettl
1933*-1935 J. E. Kroenlein
1927-1930 James Cox
1925 M. D. Wilder
1920-1924 Frank L. Selleck
1919 O. W. Fletter
1918 Roger Rice